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 2015 Professional Lumberjack Competition
August 15th

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Woodmen's Museum

The Central New Brunswick Woodmen's Museum is located in the Geographical Centre of the Province of New Brunswick, at Boiestown.  Situated in the heartland of the lumbering industry, this 15 acre site provides insight into the vibrant and colorful lives of the woodsmen, their families, and the community. 

Journey back to earlier times, when Boiestown was a "bussling" lumbering town and the lumbermen carved a living from the forest; meanwhile, raising their families here on the Upper Miramichi.  When, "Emily Allain" was Boiestown's (one line) Telephone Exchange Operator and many a traveller spent the night at "Duffy's Hotel".   The "Whooper" Train rattled the rails from Miramichi to Fredericton, and passengers travelled from Doaktown to Boiestown to the Forester's Hall for dances and theatre shows.

Workers came from the Acadian areas, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia to become a part of the lumbering boom. Some settled here; while others made it their final resting place.

This 15 acre exhibition site "boasts of those famous lumbering days" with, an original trapper's cabin, cookhouse-bunkhouse-dingle, forestry hall, wheelwright shop, blacksmith shop, sawmill, fire tower, watchman's camp, machine sheds, examples of forestry tools and equipment, and a restored TBM Avenger Air Tanker (#14).

A replica of the "Whooper" passenger train "Rides the Rails" at the Central New Brunswick Woodmen's Museum; and, you will be welcomed with "All Aboard".

Come for a visit!  Experience the Spirit of the Woodsman! 
We are waiting to Welcome YOU!


Upper Miramichi

The Upper Miramichi River has been the center of the lumbering industry in New Brunswick since the early 1800's. The Woodmen's Museum, 15 acres site, depicts this proud history with displays of authentic tools, documents, and photographs that chart the course of local and provincial history to the present day.

Boiestown is now part of the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi which represents a number of communities along the Miramichi River.

The Miramichi River is a world-renowned sport fishing and vacation spot; and, a great place to just put up your feet and enjoy your vacation.  You can choose from a cottage along the river, to lavish Inns, or a quaint motel; and, you will experience our "Miramichi" hospitality. 

Come Join Us on the River... the Miramichi River!

Central New Brunswick Woodmen's Museum, Inc.
2015 Season
 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11TH, closing at 3 pm for Thanksgiving (open Monday all day).
Daily  9:30 am to 5 pm
"Whooper Train" will NOT be running for the remainder
of the 2015 Season due to mechanical difficulties!

6342 Route 8 Highway, Boiestown, New Brunswick * Canada E6A 1Z5
Phone: (506) 369-7214  Fax: (506) 369 -9081

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